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Maneurop VTZ

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Maneurop VTZ

Reciprocating Inverter (VTZ) - High precision and cost effectiveness at the core of your process

Danfoss reciprocating inverter compressors avoid oversized and short cycling systems. The compressor automatically adapts to the current load. By combining an efficient Danfoss Maneurop® reciprocating compressor with a Danfoss Drive, the company provides an innovative and intelligent package that utilizes variable-speed technology to ensure superior efficiency across the entire operating range for precision cooling.  

  • Energy savings: increase product competitiveness with high efficiency at part-load and improved SEER.
  • Accurate cooling: improve the efficiency of air cooling systems or industrial processes with stepless capacity control and stable optimum set point.
  • Modulation: capacity modulation from 30 to 90 RPS. Possible staging in manifold configurations.
  • Electrical installation savings: applied cost reduction with an integrated crankcase heater, soft starter and downsizing of components.
  • Easy application and reliability: a complete prequalified solution consisting of a dedicated inverter compressor and variable-speed drive, preset parameters and integrated functions make application easy and the overall unit more reliable.
  • Quieter environment: by lowering the volume, operating in a user-friendly frequency spectrum and reducing start-up and shut down cycle disturbance, your systems will be less intrusive throughout the year.
    Features & Benefits
  • Inverter reciprocating technology from 8-48 kW / 3-5 tons with R134a saves on a running costs
  • Also operates with R404A and R407C
  • Avoids oversized and short cycling systems, optimizes efficiency at part-load
  • Stepless capacity modulation for accurate temperature control
  • Simple system design, quiet solution

Reciprocating Inverter (VTZ)