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FK Compressors

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FK Compressors

GEA vehicle compressors for transport refrigeration are the result of many years of experience in the domain of mobile cooling systems. The unsurpassed light, compact, robust design and wide rpm range are only some of the outstanding features of this unique product range of 2-, 4- and 6-cylinder compressors. A wide variety of designs can be tailored to suit individual requirements. For low temperature applications, an optimized TK model is available.

  • N version - Compressor with universal valve plate system for all possible applications.
  • TK version Compressor in basic with additional optimisation for deep-freezing. 
    FK for transport refrigeration and other applications


Current types Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 1/min) m³/h
FK20 118 170    
FK30 233 277 325  
FK40 385 466 554 650