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Condensing Units

Bock Compressors is a division of GEA Refrigeration and Plant equipment. Bock has the widest range of Semi Hermetic compressor on the market from 3/4hp right up to 160hp Compressors , 7 compressor variants  available such as HG(suction cooled – Freon ) , HA9 Air cooled – Freon), Open drive for both NH3 and Freon as well as mobile and stationary applications to mention a few. In addition we offer condensing units fitted with Bock compressors

GEA Plusbox

Manufactured in Germany , we offer a fully weatherproof simplex unit complete with full electrics, fan speed controller, Integrated tube & fin condenser, Main isolator and oil pressure differential switch –  this is a multi-refrigerant unit with an operating envelope of minus 35degC to +10degC. Available from 4hp to 7.5hp units

GEA Pack

A fully weatherproof simplex unit complete with full electrical panel, temperature controller etc. These units are custom built to suit project requirements, EG comes fully wired and preset for ease of installation. Condenser, compressor, pipe sizing and blower coil configuration all custom designed to suit application. Unlimited extras such as Soft Starters, mechanical unloader solenoids, Variable Speed Drives, Fan speed controllers, with or without cladding, with or without electrics panel. The GEA Pack is tailor made to suit client preferences and /or to suit efficient functionality of the equipment saving both cost and energy consumption. Available from 5hp to 40hp units.

GEA Plug In

An Integrated Condenser & Evaporator fully wired with complete electrical pane and preset controller, piped and dressed blower coil, and pre-charged with refrigerant. No installation materials required.  Simply mount and connect power supply. Available from 4 to 15hp

GEA Plex

A multiplex option for high refrigeration demand with tandem compressors coupled either remote or integrated condenser to service a variable load on both medium and low temperature applications with various configurations. Again many options available according to customer and application needs. Available from 15kw to 200kw refrigeration load

Blower coils

Fully Stainless Steel blower coils are available to compliment selected Condensers. Coils are supplied fitted with Danfoss expansion valve, Solenoid valves and P-Trap and are stainless steel inside and out providing corrosion free, easy to clean evaporator.